About Spa Crafters


Family owned and operated by Alfred Bonilla Jr. and his family since its’ humble beginnings in 1979, the continued growth over the past 35 years has surpassed all belief. When Alfred first started his company after a pool contractor left him with an unfinished swimming pool and absconded with Alfred’s hard-earned money, he decided that he could finish the pool himself, and quickly discovered his hidden talent for building and crafting pools. With his pool-building skills and background knowledge in electronics, Alfred started Spa Crafters, Inc. out of his garage, but quickly outgrew the space, which led him to opening a shop on Freedom Dr. and Broadway where he remained for 22 years. Alfred’s dream didn’t stop there. With the continued growth and lack of space, he expanded the business by building a 20,000 sq. ft. showroom and warehouse in 2001. 



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