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Seats 4-5 Adults
PowerPro Jets 27
Dimensions 76 in. x 87 in. x 34 in. (39 in. in back)
Spa Volume 395 US gal
Electrical 240V 60 Hz @ 30A, 50A or 60A


Having a smaller yard, or a smaller family does not mean you have to sacrifice features on your hot tub. The J-425 was designed to provide all the impressive elements found on the other Jacuzzi J-400 Designer Collection hot tubs in a smaller footprint. The patented asymmetrical design, with its impressive raised back, provides a striking focal point for your back yard. The sound of cascading water from Jacuzzi's industry exclusive WaterColour waterfall will provide an ambiance of peace and serenity even when you are not in the hot tub. Your family's cares can be swept away while two pumps provide a relaxing massage experience through four distinctly designed hydrotherapy seats. The unique combinations of PowerPro jets provide a range of massage options targeting specific parts of the body and accommodating different body types and sizes. The jets themselves allow for adjustment to make sure that each person's experience is as incredible as the next.

Color Options



Cabinetry Options



Features & Options

Jacuzzi designs their J-400 Collection spas with a variety of the best hot tub features. Your hot tub choices start with color: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs builds high-quality durable shells in popular shades, with coordinating spa cabinetry and covers. Jacuzzi builds their spa shells using an exclusive TriFusion System construction process which results in a product eight times tronger tahn conventional hot tub shells.


Jacuzzi did not stop after inventing the hot tub. Jacuzzi engineers and designers are always looking for ways to improve your hydrotherapy experience.

The addition of the CLEARRAY™ Water Purication system in no exception. After years of both laboratory and in field testing Jacuzzi has perfected a system that makes water care a breeze, even reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed.

The system treats water using exclusive UV-C light technology, which means no gas, chemical, or other by-product is added to the water or produced as a result.

This proven technology has a strong track record of success in hygienic and clear water driven industries, including: hospitals, ambulances, pharmaceuticals, bottling and beverage, industrial and municipal water treatment, aquariums and zoos.

  • Treats 99.9%
  • Factory installed exclusive UV-C Tech
  • Up to 50% reduction in sanitizing chemical usage
  • Easy care and maintenace with annual bulb replacement
  • No harmful odor or by-products produced
  • Durable stainless steel quartz components

ProClarity™ Filtration

A sophisticated, yet simple, advanced filtration process helps maintain the water's purity with fewer chemicals and less maintenance than other spas.

NEW FOR 2012: The ProClarity Filtration system will operate with your hot tubs circulation pump and provide industry exclusive water filtration and features in a two-stage design.

STAGE-ONE: Industry Proven Cartridge Filter, removes larger particles.

STAGE-TWO: Jacuzzi developed innovative Depth Load Filter, enabling it to remove even the tiniest of particles.

The J-495, J-470 and J-415 also feature the new ProClarity grills with a floating weir an leaf bag to keep large debris from returning to the hot tub.

ProClear Water Management System is included on the J-480, J-470, J-465 and J-460 hydro pump side of the filtarion system. This proven system features the ProClear Skimmer, ProCatch Polishing Bag and ProClear II Pleated Filter.

ProStream Circulation system cycles 35 gallons of water per minute, filtering up to 50,000 gallons of water per day.

Status Indicator Light

Standard on all J-400 models, this logo light appears white when the hot tub has power and all systems are in normal operation, and red when the hot tub requires attention.






Get More Jet Satisfaction

Fasten-your-seat-belt jet power: Standard with every J-400 Collection hot tub. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs perfected the bubbling, warm-water home spa session, but they are famous for the big, bold, hydrotherapeutic massage. The Jacuzzi PowerPro System drives all of the jet action, soft or strong, with low-pressure, high-volume pumps. Besides delivering versatility and power, the PowerPro system is energy efficient and durable.

Jets and Jacuzzi go way back. The jets featured in Jacuzzi hot tubs are based on the design of the first Jacuzzi jet created over 50 years ago. That jet was the predecessor of today's PowerPro MX2, which delivers a 50/50 air to water mix that massages deeply and gently at the same time.

Technology shows its sensitive side. Different muscle groups demand diferent types of massaging jet action. Each of the versatile jets in the J-400 hot tubs delivers a full range of massages, from robust and stimulating to gentle and rejuvenating. Selected adjustable jets let you control the way they perform just by turning their "faces" or nozzles.

Spa Crafters has been San Antonio's only Jacuzzi Premium luxury dealer for over 30 years. We invite you to come into our 30,000 sq. ft. showroom to explore the options we have to offer. Spa Crafters is dedicated to delivering quality products, and unlike others, expertly servicing everything we sell!


Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty!

When shopping for a hot tub, be sure to consider the warranty. Other manufacturers offer warranties that last 1 or 2 years, but our quality hot tubs feature limited warranties for up to 10 years! In addition, Jacuzzi's network of authorized dealers is standing by to ensure years of worry-free enjoyment. VIEW WARRANTY OPTIONS

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