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Seats 4-5 Adults
Power Pro Jets 37
Dimensions 88 in. x 88 in. x 39 in. (44 in. back)
Spa Volume 480 US gal. / 1817 Liters
Electrical 240V 60Hx @ 30A, 50A or 60A


The J-465 adds natural beauty to any backyard and offers a variety of the best hot tub features. Stretch out  in a full-size lounge that goes to great lengths to massage your entire body. Adjust the pillows and settle into the intimacy of side-by-side seating. The WaterColour waterfall and the effervescent IX Jet cast a glow over the scene at night, and illuminate the curves of the spa.

Like all the spas in the J-400 collection, the J-465 features a choice of new color palettes for shells and cabinetry, each designed to blend with the landscape and complement your home's exterior. Brazilian Teak, the newest natural wood color in the Jacuzzi line of ProEndure UV-resistant spa cabinetry, adds a rich option to the line.

Color Options

Cabinetry Options


Features & Options

Jacuzzi designs their J-400 Collection spas with a variety of the best hot tub features. Your hot tub choices start with color: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs builds high-quality durable shells in popular shades, with coordinating spa cabinetry and covers. Jacuzzi builds their spa shells using an exclusive TriFusion System construction process which results in a product eight times stronger than conventional hot tub shells.


Jacuzzi did not stop after inventing the hot tub.  Jacuzzi engineers and designers are always looking for ways to improve your hydrotherapy experience.

The addition of the CLEARRAY™ Water Purification system is no exception. After years of both laboratory and in field testing Jacuzzi has perfected a system that makes water care a breeze, even reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed.

The system treats water using exclusive UV-C light technology, which means no gas, chemical, or other by-product is added to the water or produced as a result.

This proven technology has a strong track record of succes in hygienic and clear water driven industries, including: hospitals, ambulances, pharmaceuticals, bottling and beverage, industrial and municipal water treatment, aquariums and zoos.

  • Treats 99.9% of water
  • Factory installed exclusive UV-C Technology
  • Up to 50% reduction in sanitizing chemical usage
  • Easy care and maintenace with annual bulb replacement
  • No harmful odor or by-products produced
  • Durable stainless steel and quartz components

PowerPro Lounge Seat

One of the best seats in any hot tub, it includes RX rotating jets for the back and PX Jets for the wrists and calves.






WaterColour Waterfall

The WaterColour™ waterfall is lit by a rotating rainbow that can also be set to one color. It also works alone, without the jets on.









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