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Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Collection

The first name in bath technology is a family name: Jacuzzi. Ours is a legacy born of a passion for invention. A passion carried across the Atlantic by seven brothers more than a century ago.

Today, The Luxury Bathtubs Collection by Jacuzzi sets the standard for high style and advanced features in luxury bathtubs. What many considers to be the hallmark of a luxury bathtub - boldly massaging whirlpool jets - was invented and perfected by Jacuzzi. You'll find the latest generation of Jacuzzi's patented, fully adjustable whirlpool jets in the Whirlpool and Salon Spa luxury tubs collection.

Sophisticated functionality is built into the luxury bathtubs: LCD control panels, powerful blower systems, Thermal Lumbar Comfort (TLC) air channels for the back, and RapidHeat inline heaters in the Whirlpool, Salon Spa, and Pur Air luxury bathtubs (features vary by model).

To customize your luxury bathtub, add Luxury by Design option, which include:




      WHISPER TECHNOLOGY reduces noise and vibrations to achieve those precious

   moments of peace and tranquility. Avaiable on all Luxury Whirlpool and Salon Spa.




      ILLUMATHERAPY lighted jets add drama with four LED lights inside the jet and is

                     available as an upgrade on Whirlpool and Salon Spa baths.




     THE J5 LCD is an all-in-one interface to operate all of the relaxing features of your

           new Jacuzzi tub.  Available on all Pure Air, Luxury Whirlpool and Salon.



Select Your Experience


What bath experience is the best one for you and your family? A simple question, but with so many options we at Spa Crafters want to help you in making a great decision for you, your family and your home.


Soaking Baths:

A traditional bathing experience is the foundation of hydrotherapy and is as simple as being enveloped in warm water. The classic Italian designs of a Jacuzzi tub provide the perfect vessel for this treatment.


Various jet sizes and purposeful placement within each Jacuzzi tub provide targeted action to distinct muscle groups with the appropriate amount of hydrotherapy. Patented jets evenly mix caressing streams of water and air for a full-body hydro-massage like no other. A blissfully quiet Silent Air Induction System ensures that nothing interrupts your tranquility.

Pure Air:

Whirlpools circulate a combination of air and water to produce a soft, targeted massage, Jacuzzi Pure Air baths, by design, massage with only air. The air is distributed through a network of channels resulting in an even, subtle, full body massage. In addition to side and bottom air channels, many Jacuzzi Pure Air bath tubs include an extra level of pure pleasure with TLC (Thermal Lumbar Comfort).

Salon Spa:

The preeminent bathing experience is achieved in our Salon Spa Series. By combining the best of whirlpool technology and Pure Air Comfort, Jacuzzi has developed a sensory experience for all body types or moods. You can customize the setting to act as an air bath to escape and relax; a whirlpool to restore your body after an intense work out or use a combination of both to escape the worries of the day.

Jacuzzi jets mix water and air evenly creat a broad circular pattern of bubbles that massage the entire body.
Laboratory tests clearly show how Jacuzzi outperforms other manufactuers' jet systems, producing a deeper and wider plume of revitalizing bubbles.

Air channels run up the back of the bath in a delicate curve thaqt mirrors the lumbar region of your spine, massaging your entire back.                     












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