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Penofin Marine Oil Finish

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99% Ultraviolet Protection
Protects and Beautifies Like no Varnish Can
Highest-quality Mildew Protection
For use on boats, cabins, cockpits, decks, railings, and docks
Safe and easy to use
Available in a natural tone



Penofin's Marine Oil Finish seals and protects the mill bright beautyof natural woods, giving it that hand-rubbed look mariners prefer. Multiple coats may be wet-sanded to build a lustrous self-filling, hand-rubbed finish, or simply apply product and remove excess with a nap-free cloth for a flat matte finish. Due to its unique penetrating abilities, any area that is scratched or stained may be repaired using the wet-sanding method. Penofin's Marine Oil is nonyellowing, nondarkening and fast dying. No more sanding, scraping or stripping. Eliminates the cause of cracking and peeling, allowing product to penetrat deeply with Brazilian Roswood Oil to enhance and protect your valuable wood. Penofin Marine Oil is easy to touch up. Just wipe on, allow it to penetrate the pores of the wood to feed and protect from the sun's harmful rays, then use a cloth to remove excess. Enhances natural wood like no varnish can. Don't let the varnish cycle trap you into spending sailing time scraping off layers of finish. Feed your wood...use Penofin Marine Oil Finish with Brazilian Rosewood Oil for the wood on fiberglass as well as wooden boats. Protects and enhances docks too.


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