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Primo combines the concept of traditional kamado-style (round) cookers, and charcoal grills with an innovative design, premium quality ceramic materical, and a sofphisticted, modern look, creating a best in class, all-in-one coking machine. What makes a Primo better than other ceramic grills and smokers on the market today? The key is in the compostiion and patented oval shape.  




Primo uses only the highest quality ceramic for increased efficiency and durability. Meals prepard faster while moisture and flavor remain locked inside, leaving food juicy and tender- not dry. And the outer furface stays at a safe, warm-to-the-touch temperature.



But it's the versatility of the patented Primo Oval shape that really sets Primo apart. Enjoy more features and options such as reversible cooking grids*, rack extensions* to increase total cooking surface, or a drip pan rack* to catch meat juices. Add a firebox divider* and cook directly over the heat on one side and smoke on the other.

*optional accessory








Grill, smoke, roast, or bake.


Cook direct and indirect (grill and smoke), at the same time. Increase the total cooking surface to accommodate more food. Partition the grill to conserve fuel.


With 60% more efficiency than competing cokers, Primo offers superior heat and moisture retention.


Primo's high quality ceramic frame stands up against even the most extreme cooking temperatures and weather conditions.


Each Primo is hand-made, and carefully inspected for quality at Primo's Atlanta, GA based factrory. Primo has a guarantee of 20 years warranty on ceramic parts.


With up to 680 sq/in of available space, the Primo Oval XL boasts the largest, multi-tiered cooking surface on the ceramic cooker market today.

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