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Steam Shower Classic Series

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Unit: 17" L x 11 1/2" W x 12" H


Steam Shower Classic Series

A residential steam shower is the essential upgrade. The Steam Shower Classic Series generator goes beyond basics and has more features included than most competitors' top-level models. Standard benefits include: FastStart technology and PowerFlush inner tank cleaning system. 




Steam Suite Generator

  • First Generation Technology
  • 6 year "no questions asked" factory warranty
  • 1 year in-home warranty
  • FastStart steam in seconds...not minutes (patented)
  • PowerFlush pressurized inner tank cleaning system
  • Constant steam at a constant rate
  • Can be plumbed 50 ft. from the shower without purchasing a larger KW unit
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Integral drain pan- standard
  • Time and temperature control; all metal construction - not plated. 

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Benefits of Steam Therapy 

The Ultimate Cleanse

Nothing Rleases toxins from th body with the same precision as the steam bath. The soothing warmth opens the pores, which lifts out the impuritites of everyday living. Soft, supple and healthing skin minus the use of harsh chemicals is the conclusion. 


Promoting Good Health

Home steam baths are great for promoting good health. Allergy sufferers often turn to daily steam therapy as steam inhalation suppports the respiratory system and may help sufferers to alleviate their sinus afflictions. 


Muscle Relaxation

Steam baths generate heat, which in turn helps aching muscles to relax; widening the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to flow through them and in turn releasing tension. Many users feel that the heat generated by steam causes the whole body to slip into a state of inner sanctum rendering steam baths perfect for those who suffer from arthritis or consistent muscle pain. 



Steam showers conserve more water than the regular shower or bath. With green concerns on the rise, these units take only one gallow of water to power a 20-minute steam bath as opposed to regular showers which can consume 30-gallons of water. Taking a steam is responsibly green. 



Steam bathing is known to help promote a better night's sleep resulting in a more revitalized you. 

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