Seating Capacity: 3
Jets: 96
Dimensions: 93" x 210" x 51"
Dry Weight: 2,950 (1,338 kg)
Filled Weight: 21,984 (9,971 kg)
Water Capacity: 2,285 (8,649 L)
Lounge: No

In the swim zone get fit using the Jet System V including (2) Cross Current Swim Tornado Jets to keep you in place due to the strong current. Take a break after the swim session by resting on the (56) Rain Jet Vertical Hydrossage. The spa zone includes (33) Stainless Steel Candy Jets. Control dual temperature at 70 degrees for the swim spa and 102 degrees for the hot tub. Step into the swim spa for an intense expert level of fitness swimming, your limit is your endurance, set the Jet System V to the resistance you need. Our Cross-Current Stabilization System will keep swimmers in place against the current. Enjoy getting fit while spending time with loved ones.

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The Next Level of Aquatic Exercise

Perfect for exercise and recreation, swim spas feature an open-concept design that enables users to move around freely. Users can engage in comfortable and low-impact exercise, either with the help of features such as optional rowers or the jet stream system, or simply by performing free-range exercises. Other activities such as jogging, yoga and stretching can also contribute to an active lifestyle in the spa.

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