The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs offer a number of different health benefits, all without you needing to do anything. Just by sitting in the hot tub, your mind and body will relax. You don’t have to move around or do any form of exercise. Just lean back and enjoy the warm water and the massaging jets. While many people do know that hot tubs have health benefits, some people don’t know exactly how hot tubs can improve your health. Let’s look at a few of these.

Improve Your Range of Motion

If you’ve dealt with injuries, arthritis, or other issues that impact your range of motion, you know how limiting it can be. Hot tubs can help you improve your range of motion so you can do things such as walk for longer periods of time without pain, reach higher, and in general feel better every day. The pressure of the warm water against your joints actually helps to decrease the inflammation in them, which makes it easier for the joints to move. If you do flexibility exercises while in the hot tub, you’ll not only benefit from the warm water, but also help extend the length of time those benefits last.

Relax Your Muscles

Being in warm water also helps to relieve the tension in your muscles. The massaging jets of a hot tub help to loosen up your muscles and act as a type of massage, relieving aches and pain. Before you know it, all of the stress you’ve been carrying around in your neck, shoulders, and back will have evaporated.

Reduce Stress

As your muscles relax, you may also start to emotionally unwind and let go of much of the stress you’ve carried around during the day. Aromatherapy, relaxing music, and soft lighting around your hot tub can aid in letting go of your worries and stress, allowing you to fully relax after a long, hard day of work.

Better Sleep Patterns

Because you’re relaxed and your muscles will have loosened up, you’ll find that you can actually go to sleep more easily. Hot tubs also lower your body temperature, which will help you fall into a natural deep sleep. All you need to do is spend about 15 minutes in one of the best hot tubs an hour or so before you plan on going to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling more relaxed and without the weird grogginess that you might feel from taking sleep medications.

Treat Fibromyalgia

Dealing with fibromyalgia, for many who suffer from the disease, can be a nightmare. Often the pain flares up when it’s least expected, and it can be so bad you may not be able to do anything other than lay in bed. Using a hot tub has been shown to help ease some of these symptoms. Hydrotherapy can help decrease pain, help you focus better, and help you sleep better. One of the biggest issues with fibromyalgia is a lack of good sleep, so that benefit alone can be very helpful.

Benefiting from a Hot Tub is Easy

If you’re interested in taking advantage of everything a hot tub has to offer, you need nothing more than to slip into its warm, relaxing waters. Of course, some hot tub accessories such as wireless speakers and aromatherapy scents definitely add a little something extra. No matter what you do to make your hot tub experience the best, it’s going to help your health.

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